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Granite Colors

The granite colors shown below are intended to represent the granite in a polished finish. However, because granite is a natural product, the actual granite may vary from the sample.

There are several factors that affect a granite's price, including supply and demand, quarry yield and shipping. Georgia Grey granite is the least expensive, because it is readily available and weighs less per cubic foot than other colored granites. Blue Pearl granite is more expensive because it is quarried in Norway during a limited time each year.

Time Frame

Most granite can be received into our warehouse within 60-90 days. But customers should be aware that interstate regulations limit the amount of material that can be placed on a truck. This means that the heavier a granite is, the less you can put on a truck, and the longer it will take to receive it. This also affects imported granite. US Customs may hold the granite shipping container for as long as 2 weeks. Our time frame for the completion of a monument will typically take 90 to 120 days for grey granite and may take as much as 180+ days for colored granite, depending on availability and shipping.