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Our Foundations

A standard foundation for a bevel marker

There are two types of memorial foundations we provide: standard foundations, which are included in every memorial we set, and our optional concrete pad system. Please read below for more information.

Standard Foundation

Because granite does not need support to prevent cracking or splitting, standard foundations serve as ground stabilizers for the memorial. They are not designed to support the marker or monument like a house foundation supports the structure. When setting the memorial, our setting crew will dig out the area where the monument will be placed and pour cement into the area. The memorial will then be placed on top of the cement, to hold it in place and give it some stability. Standard foundations are included in every memorial we set.

Concrete Pad System

Our optional concrete pad system is also available for our memorials. In order to address the problem of ground movement, we have devised a method to improve the stabilization ability of our foundations by using a sub-foundation consisting of 12 inch concrete pilings and a 4 inch packed sand buffer. A manufactured concrete pad will then rest on top of the sand buffer. The sand buffer acts as a cushion to help support the monument as the ground moves.

Normally, our manufactured pads will be approximately 1 inch above ground and 8 to 12 inches longer and wider than the monument. Adjustments will be made when working in an unlevel area, and we work closely with cemeteries to make sure our concrete pad system does not interfere with maintenance crews.