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Concrete Work

We also do concrete curbing around lots at cemeteries, if allowed, as well as backfills. All of our concrete work is reinforced with double layered rebar.

Curbing and Backfill

Curbing is a concrete border or frame around a cemetery space or lot. Typical curbing measures 6" wide and 6" thick around the area, but it can be poured as wide as needed. A header may also be used, which means the head of the grave is poured at least 14" wide, in order to accommodate setting a memorial on the curbing, as opposed to setting the memorial inside of the curbing. The size of the monument will determine how wide the header should be.

Granite coping is also available for lots. This is a border, like curbing, but is made of granite instead of concrete.

A backfill is when the inside of a cemetery space has been filled with concrete and marble chips. The space must have curbing before a backfill can be done. The concrete is poured approximately 4" thick over the lot. While the concrete is drying, grey marble chips are seeded into the concrete. Once completely dry, more grey marble chips are spread over the entire lot to give it a nice cover.